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2 in 1 Noiseless Mosquito Killer Lamp

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Portable Pest Light Insect Trap: Light wave induction, click mosquito killing, pure physical process, no chemical harmful ingredients.

Applications: "USB Insect Fly Pest Bug Zapper Catcher Trap" suitable for families, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, hotels, outdoor camping, tents, etc.

Portable & Decoration: With strap design, it can be hung or stood up, making it more convenient to place. It is not only a mosquito killer, but also a fashion accessory.

2 in 1 Mosquito Killer Lamp: Two styles, USB charging, charging time 4-8H, USB plug and play, two modes Mosquito killing purple light mode, warm color lighting mode


  1. Light wave to attract mosquitoes, automatic electric shock to kill mosquitoes
  2. Low decibel, quiet and no mosquitoes, large mosquito control range
  3. Warm light mode, physical mosquito killing, health and safety
  4. Birdcage window design, 360° mosquito control
  5. The strap design can be lifted or hung, making it more convenient to place
  6. USB direct charging, convenient and fast


  • Material: Plastic
  • Power: 5W
  • Battery: 1200mah
  • Size: 12x10.5CM/4.72x4.13inch


  • 1x Mosquito Killer Lamp
  • 1x USB Cable