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Stain Removal Toothpaste

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A Whitening Solution That’s Powerful, Effective, Yet Delicate And Protective.

We all know the feeling: When your dentist tells you to open wide, and you hesitantly
show what the days of neglecting your teeth have caused. When it’s time to take a group
photo and all you can think of is how can you smile without showing the yellowed pearls
That’s why our Dental Prime Stain Removal Toothpaste was created: To restore your
confidence, your unapologetic smile, and your natural white shade that lasts a lifetime.

  • Free From Any Harmful Chemicals

  • A Complete Dental Healing Experience

  • Restore Confidence In Your Pearly Whites

  • Feel Fresh Within Minutes

    A Natural Formula That Leaves No Stain Untouched.

    Inside our Dental Prime Stain Removal Toothpaste is a 100% organic, herb-based formula
    that tackles the toughest of stains caused by years of unhealthy mouth hygiene habits,
    coffee/tea consumption, and smoking. With this solution on your sink, you’ll be able to
    create long-lasting whitening effects as well as complete protection for your gums and
    teeth from the day-to-day elements.

Our Stain Removal Toothpaste Is Simply Undefeated When It ComesTo Removing Years Of Yellowing And Damage Through Natural Baking Soda.

  •  A Complete Dental Healing Experience - Eliminate all stains, odors, and any traces of years of neglecting your teeth with our Stain Removal Toothpaste
  • Free From Any Harmful Chemicals - Powered by natural herb extracts and potent baking soda, our Stain Removal Toothpaste is a solution you can trust, with completely organic ingredients and science-backed results.
  • Feel Fresh Within Minutes - Thanks to its natural disinfecting abilities and natural berry flavor, this potent formula gives you an instant feeling of freshness and cleanliness.
  • Restore Confidence In Your Pearly Whites - By removing dirt, food particles, and any other pesky intruders that try to harm your teeth, you’ll be able to smile wider, talk more confidently, and increase your self-esteem.
  • No Flouride, Triclosan, or Peroxide - Keep your cavities in healthy shape with natural herb extracts that are much more effective than any chemical-based product on the market.


  Flavor : Blueberry
  Weight : 100g